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Doctor Who and the TARDIS Aren’t Going Anywhere

Setting the record for longest running science fiction show of all time during it’s original run of 26 seasons, Doctor Who came back to the BBC in 2005. Eight seasons later with another on the way, that record stands strong. Doctor Who is at the height of it’s popularity right now and has now taken North America by storm, but how long can this show possibly go on? Well according to show-runner and king of the Whovians, Stephen Moffat, the TARDIS will travel through space and time for at least another five years.

Doctor Who has something special because it has the ability to completely change itself whenever it gets stale. That’s definitely one of the many reasons the show has survived for so long. The show has been able to keep the same continuity for 50 years because of the Doctors ability to regenerate.

The Doctors 1-12. The War Doctor must have been sick on picture day.
The Doctors 1-12.
The War Doctor must have been sick on picture day.

I know we have some Whovians out there in the Pulp Nation. What do you guys think? As a die hard Doctor Who fan, I’ll admit that I was extremely let down by season 8. Peter Capaldi was a fantastic Doctor, I just don’t think the writing was as strong as it usually is. If Moffat wants to continue the series for another 5 years, they may need to step up their game in the writer’s room.

That said, if Doctor Who is still on the air in 50 years, I’ll still be watching.

Unless I’m dead. Too morbid?

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