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More Arrested Development Coming to Netflix


Before continuing please note that there is nothing official about this announcement. There hasn’t been any official press releases yet, but Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer said in a podcast with Bill Simmons that new episodes are coming to Netflix- 17 of them.

The popular show that ended too soon already made it’s triumphant return to Netflix in May 2013 with 15 new episodes, but the charm of the first three seasons seemed to be missing in these episodes. This has mostly been blamed on the casts busy schedules. Being unable to get the ensemble together as much as they would have liked, the fourth season of Arrested Development was written with characters mostly on their own or in small groups, rather than all together where they are strongest. Hopefully for the next 17 episodes they can actually get the cast together despite all of their successful “post-AD” acting careers.

Regardless, we are very excited to see more Arrested Development on Netflix, and we’ll give your more details as they come.

Here’s the announcement on Bill Simmons’ podcast. The Arrested Development conversation starts 24:26, and he changes the subject pretty quickly back to Empire.

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