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Red Hood May Appear in the DC Movie Universe

Rumours have been making their rounds on the interwebs today about The Red Hood appearing in the DC Movie Universe, and we could see him hinted at as soon as Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Red Hood, AKA Jason Todd, was the second kid to take up the mantle of Robin, following Dick Grayson’s promotion to Nightwing. Rumour has it we’ll see a nod to this in Batman VS Superman, in the form of his old costume hanging on display in the Batcave.


For the uniformed: Jason Todd was quite famously murdered by The Joker in the comics. After his death, Todd comes back as The Red Hood. Now like most rumours take this with a grain of salt, but apparently Jason Todd’s death will be referenced in the Suicide Squad movie. It may even be why there is a strain in Harley and Mr. J’s relationship. If you ask me, a comic book fan and wannabe screenwriter, here’s how I would handle it:

Joker is in prison for the murder of Jason Todd, and he is used in the movie as a Hannibal Lector type. They can’t trust him to leave the prison and pardon him like the other members of the squad, but they can refer to him when they need to get inside the mind of whichever batsh*t crazy (pun intended) villain their chasing.

So will we be seeing Jason Todd in the movie universe? Do you even want to see him? Considering he was a character that was so hated fans literally voted to see him die, he really is quite popular now. This could be due to the popularity of the DC animated movie Under the Red Hood, which if you haven’t seen its fantastic so do it right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

undertheredhoodmovie…It was so good right?

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