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The First Full Ant-Man Trailer Is Here

If that first teaser didn’t do anything for you, the first full trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man must have finally won you over right? It’s filled with action, comedy, and an awesome tiny fight between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket.


Casting a comedic actor like Paul Rudd as the title character seems to be paying off. In order for this premise to work it really needs to have a lot of that comedic charm that all the most successful Marvel movies have. That, combined with a great villain, and by the looks of it we have that. We get our first look at Corey Stoll in action as Yellowjacket, and the tiny fight scene is fantastic.

You may have also noticed the scene where Ant-Man runs up the gun is similar to the original test footage they showed at San Diego Comic Con when they first announced Ant-Man, and if it is the same scene it ends with the guy holding the gun getting a tiny kick in the face.

And that train scene… Awesome right?


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