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There’s a Short List for Peter Parker – UPDATE: A Very Short List

***UPDATE: APRIL 23rd, s015***

I can’t believe its not Butterfield!

Tom Holland has been cast as Peter Parker, set to appear first in Captain America: Civil War, with a solo film to follow.


***UPDATE: May 15th, 2015***

asaIt’s almost completely official! It has been confirmed that Asa butterfield‘s reps are in talks with Sony and Marvel Entertainment to be our new Peter Parker! An official announcement from Marvel should happen in the next few days. Butterfield beat out a bunch of other great young actors, who can be seen below.

Peter Parker will make his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, but not much has been said yet about how big of a role he will have. Civil War  is in production now, set for a May 6th release date next year.





***April 23rd, 2015***

The casting of Spider-Man, now officially in the MCU, has been narrowed down to a short list of five actors. As initially announced, Marvel is going with the youngest version of the web-slinger yet, with all actors ranging from late teens to early twenties. Courtesy of The Wrap, the shortlist includes these young actors:

"The Impossible" Premiere - Red Carpet - 2012 Toronto International Film FestivalTom  Holland

I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea who this 19 year old actor is. He’s best known for his work in dramas with The Impossible and This Is How I Live Now. He is definitely the least known name on this list.

TimotheeTimothée Chalamet

You may recognize this 20 year old as Matthew McConaughey‘s son in Interstellar. He’s a decent actor, and he definitely plays the emotional and brooding teenager well.

nattNatt Wolff

Natt is the oldest in the group at 21, and he doesn’t really look like a high schooler. I would say that’s a detriment to his chances of getting the role, but he was in that movie that all the teenagers love, The Fault in our Stars, so he is pretty popular right now. That said, he is probably my last choice of the five.

asaAsa Butterfield

Asa is probably the most well known name on the list. He played the title role in Hugo and Ender’s Game.  He is also the youngest actor on the list at 18 years old. If I were a gambling man I’d bet it’s going to him, although he isn’t my choice.


Liam James

Now we get to my choice. I really like Liam James. This 19 year old actor was the star of the movie The Way Way Back, which is the story of an angsty teen struggling to fit in. Sound familiar? Throw in a radioactive spider bite and he’s basically Spider-Man. He looks the part, and he’s a fantastic actor.

What do you think Pulp Nation? Comment below with your pick from the five actors here, or throw some new names at us. Personally, I’m still shipping Donald Glover as Miles Morales.

glover spidey

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