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Mallrats 2 Will Be Called Mallbrats

More news coming from Twitter this morning, this time from the Twitter feed of filmmaker Kevin Smith. Smith is very active on social networks, and has been teasing his fans lately with news about the sequel for his 1995 cult classic Mallrats. Today’s news is regarding the title of the film:

If you’re wondering who Jim is, he is referring to one of the producers of the first film Jim Jacks, who always wanted to make a sequel to Mallrats. Jacks passed away a little over a year ago, which helped motivate Smith to write the sequel.

Kevin Smith has said that the script includes 18 original characters from the first Mallrats as well as six new characters. Unfortunatley one character that hasn’t been confirmed coming back is that asshole from The Fashionable Male, but I think he is busy being Batman or something. Stan Lee however, is returning! The title MallBrats title makes it seem like it’s going to be a “Next Generation” style film, perhaps the children of the characters from the first or some young “punk” kids ruining the mall for the older people.

MallBrats is expecting to start shooting this summer, hopefully with a 2016 release.

What are you most excited for from Kevin Smith’s upcoming flicks? Mallbrats, Clerks 3, or the 2nd movie in the True North Trilogy, Yoga Hosers? Comment below!

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