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First Look at “Legends of Tomorrow”

The CW have given us a first look at the new Arrow/ Flash spinoff series “Legends of Tomorrow” with this promo picture:

From left to right:  Arthur Darvill as "Rip Hunter", Ciara Renee as "Kendra Saunders/ Hawkgirl", Victor Garber as "Martin Stein", Caity Lotz as "Sara Lance/ The Canary", Brandon Routh as "Ray Palmer/ The Atom", Wentwork Miller as "Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold", and Dominic Purcell as "Mick Rory/ Heatwave"
From left to right: Arthur Darvill as “Rip Hunter”, Ciara Renee as “Kendra Saunders/ Hawkgirl”, Victor Garber as “Martin Stein”, Caity Lotz as “Sara Lance/ The Canary”, Brandon Routh as “Ray Palmer/ The Atom”, Wentwork Miller as “Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold”, and Dominic Purcell as “Mick Rory/ Heatwave”

Along with the picture also comes news that the series will have a midseason launch next year, most likely coming in during a break between one or both of the two superhero shows currently on the network.

As you can see from the picture, Caity Lotz will be wearing a different costume than her Black Canary garb from Arrow. She’s actually going by White Canary now, a villain from the Birds of Prey in the comics. How she is returning isn’t clear yet since Sara Lance died on Arrow, but it will likely be time travel related.

In other CW/DC news: did you guys catch that Hal Jordan reference in this weeks episode of The Flash? When they’re at the airport, Barry says that it is closed because of a missing test pilot. Will we be seeing Hal Jordan in the CW/DC Universe? It would be great to have Hal Jordan in the TV universe and John Stewart in the movie universe!2792378-hal_jordan_green_lantern_by_danielgoettigThe Flash finale airs Tuesday at 8! Check back to Pulp Nation for more Arrow/ Flash/ Legends of Tomorrow news!


***UPDATE: May 14th, 2015***

Now there is a full trailer for Legends of Tomorrow! My prediction about Sara’s comeback involving time travel was obviously way wrong. She appears to be coming back using the Lazarus Pit!

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