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The Pulp Nation E3 Trailer Megapost

This week is E3, and rather than looking all over the site for all of the trailers released, we thought we would put them all in one convenient place for you!



Final Fantasy VII – PS4


My favourite video game of all time is finally being remade from the ground up in glorious HD, with voice overs and everything… There has been talk of this since the Playstation 3 first came out, and I’ve been beginning to lose hope. I don’t care what else happens during E3 tomorrow, this is the most excited I could possibly get.

The Last Guardian – PS4

After seven years of development hell, The beautiful looking story of a girl and her giant pet is finally coming out. The Last Guardian is out in 2016.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – PS4

Hitman – PS4

Street Fighter V – PS4

The new trailer for Street Fighter V reveals two new characters to the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (GAMEPLAY) – PS4

Finally scoring an exclusivity deal with COD DLC, add-ons and map packs will be coming to PS4 first.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PS4

For more details from the Sony Press Conference, click here.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole – PS4, XBox One, PC

Nobody saw this one coming! A sequel to the award winning RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth! This time the kids are superheroes!

For Honor – PS4, XBox One, PC

For more details from the Ubisoft Press Conference, click here.


Star Wars Battlefront

We may not have gotten much from the single player mode of the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront, but at least we got a fantastic look at the multiplayer featuring the planet Hoth.

Should have called it “Coldth”… I’m sorry.

Mass Effect Andromeda – PS4, XBox One, PC

The fourth installment of the Mass Effect series takes our (potentially brand new) hero to a whole new galaxy.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is out February 23rd, 2016, and will tell the origin of Faith.

Need for Speed – PS4, XBox One, PC

Need for Speed is out November 3rd of this year.

Unravel – PS4, XBox One, PC

For more details from the EA Press Conference, click here.


Halo 5: Guardians – XBox One

Halo 5: Warzone

Check out the new Warzone multiplayer mode, and the new features that were added to the single-player mode. Plus, Firefly fans will be happy to know that Nathan Fillion is back as a voice actor on the franchise.

Halo 5: Guardians is out on Oct. 27.

Gears of War 4 – XBox One

The original Gears of War is getting its own remaster and Gears of War 4, the latest in the franchise is launching next Holiday. The gameplay ignored old favourites for new faces battling a new breed of enemy. Expect more details from next years E3!

Recore – XBox One

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – XBox One

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 comes out Spring of 2016.

Forza Motorsport 6 – XBox One

Forza Motorsport 6 is out exclusively on XBox One on September 15th.

Gigantic – XBox One, PC

You can join the beta for Gigantic in August.

Tacoma – XBox One

Ashen – XBox One

Beyond Eyes – XBox One

Cuphead – XBox One

I don’t even know what to say about this one… It looks bonkers. As the trailer says, it’s out in 1936 (Plus 80 years).

ION – XBox One

Fable Legends – XBox One

As a massive fantasy RPG fan, the Fable series is the only one that makes me wish I wasn’t a Sony shipper.

Sea of Thieves – XBox  One

For more details from the Microsoft Press Conference, click here.


Doom – PS4, XBox One, PC

Finally a full trailer for Bethesda‘s “Doom“, expected Spring of 2016. Its face-paced, violent and bloody, but what more could you expect from a Doom game? Officially excited!


Tamriel Unlimited – PS4, XBox One, PC, Mac

Elder Scrolls Legends – PC, iPad

New content and areas will be coming to Bethesda’s troubled ‘Tamriel Unlimited’ free MMO, as well as a new mobile card battle game titled ‘Elder Scrolls Legends’.

For more details from the Bethesda Press Conference, click here.


Just Cause 3 – PS4, XBox One, PC

Nier 2 – PS4

Rise of the Tomb Raider – XBox One, XBox 360

Lara Croft Go – iOS, Android

Kingdom Hearts 3 – PS4

Tangled universe confirmed? We were hoping for one of the cooler Disney properties like Star Wars or Marvel, but Kingdom Hearts fans will take anything at this point. Just give us this game! Early 2o16, apparently…

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key – iOS, Android

If this is supposed to distract me till Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, I’m not gonna hold my breath…

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – PS4

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Ps4, XBox One, PC

For more details from the Square Enix Press Conference, click here.


EarthBound Beginnings – Nintento WiiU

What made you come back, Nintendo? What made you come to your senses and finally release the original Mother? Was it the multiple bootleg copies selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay? Was it the that you discovered that people actually loved Earthbound when it originally came out? Good, you’ve done a great thing, Nintendo.

The trailer for Earthbound Beginnings (the new English title for the original Mother in Japan, once known on the bootleg circuit as Earthbound Zero) is rather promising. It’s the original NES prequel to Earthbound, an RPG for the SNES that didn’t sell so well originally, but garnered a massive following well after the SNES finished its cycle. That said, the trailer shows us more of the same of what you liked of Earthbound (if you played it). Wicked sense of humour and all is included in this package. Even more interesting is that the game isn’t being censored. It’s being released with a T-rating for “Violent References, Suggestive Themes and Crude Humour”. Very strange for family-friendly Nintendo.

I guess the only question is, why only the Wii U? I mean, Nintendo’s main console for porting NES games has been the 3DS, and lord knows that the 3DS is starving for an RPG, especially an Earthbound game. Instead, the 3DS is getting gristly bones. Come on, Nintendo, a 3DS release of this one wouldn’t hurt.

Starfox Zero – WiiU

Super Mario Maker – WiiU

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes – 3DS

Hyrule Warriors – 3DS

Metroid Prime: Federation Force – 3DS

Fire Emblem Fates – 3DS

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – 3DS

Yoshi’s Woolly World – WiiU

Well, that last one just looks adorable.

For more details from the Nintendo Press Conference, click here.

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