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Bethesda E3 Press Conference Round Up

The Bethesda E3 Press Conference, or “How Fallout 4 comes out this Fall”.

E3 has officially kicked off with the 1st annual Bethesda Press Conference. Overall, it brought few surprises, but still ended up delivering on its most beloved franchises. We even got a free mobile game today, though Android users need not apply.

Bethesda The conference opened on a rather lengthy unveiling of the latest DOOM game, coming to both next-gen consoles (and PC), the DOOM demo brought the regular, expected demon slaying utilizing the latest in ID Tech software. The game looked great, though the demons looked a bit muddy and overall it left me underwhelmed. It did have a pretty killer chainsaw, though! The game will also include an all new ‘Swapmap’ editor that will allow even the newest player to build out intricate and explosive multiplayer maps. Sounds like this thing is coming next year.



The conference then moved pretty quickly and touched on Bethesda’s new free to play multiplayer game Battlecry, followed by the next Dishonored game from Arkane Studios. The presentation was entirely a CGI trailer, so nothing I could really discern besides the fact that you can now play as either main protagonist Corvo or his daughter. The segment closed off with an announcement that Dishonored Definitive Edition (the original game and all its accoutrements) is coming out this Fall. After 3 years, this is pretty lame.


The Elder Scrolls followed with a brief appearance in a pre-recorded video. New content and areas will be coming to Bethesda‘s troubled ‘Tamriel Unlimited‘ free MMO, as well as a new mobile card battle game titled ‘Elder Scrolls Legends‘. Not many details were provided otherwise, Elder Scrolls is taking some well-earned R&R, this is truly the year of Fallout.



And then, easily Bethesda‘s biggest game this year (and for the next few), got the long awaited unveiling it deserves. Director Todd Howard came out on stage and ran through some of Fallout 4‘s new, Boston-based gameplay. Leaking very little in terms of story, the game will start before the bombs go off and bring back both third-person and VAT gameplay perspectives, as well as some new on-the-fly base building elements that will allow you to slowly but surely rebuild or defend communities within the game. The game will also offer a super-freaking cool Pip Boy Collector’s edition. This version will come with an actual Pip Boy bracelet, that players insert their smartphone in, which operates exactly as the in-game companion. No word on price, but expect it to cost a pretty penny. The final notes were easily the highlights of the night. Fallout 4 is coming out THIS November, but a new iOS Fallout game, titled Fallout Shelter, has just launched tonight. A little something to tide fans over for the next 5.. long.. months.

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