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Fallout 4 Details Revealed at E3

I can only imagine that this is how Major T.J Kong felt as he shared a ride to earth with that nuclear bomb in Dr. Strangelove. The Fallout 4 gameplay reveal was nothing short of spectacular. We got glimpses of early game character creation, your character leaving the vault and about a million other insane gameplay details that no one can say they were expecting. In an age obsessed with constant spoilers and leaked information it was relieving to watch a conference and have no idea what to expect. Bethesda has been working on Fallout 4 for 6 years now, and in all that time we have been given no information and you know what? I loved every minute that much more because of it.

Your dog in Fallout 4 is player controlled and can be used to fight or to retrieve items

The gameplay begins at the character creation screen which is cleverly designed as a reflection in the bathroom mirror. Here we see two possible character archetypes; one is the husband who stands in the foreground with his wife in the background. You are able to swap between these two in real-time as you make your character changes to both as you please – Also note that your baby will be generated based on a composite of both characters. After you’ve decided what character you want to spend the next 200 hours traversing the wasteland with you are able to explore your household – all of this takes place before the bomb inevitably drops sending you down into the now iconic vaults.

The new Fallout 4 character customization is the same design technique they used to create the NPCs
The new Fallout 4 character customization is the same design technique they used to create the NPCs

Let me just say that no one but Bethesda could make a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland so beautiful. Everything from character armors to the dilapidated landscapes has been given that next-gen shine and it makes the wait seem somewhat worth it. The VAT system looks better than ever having you blow through ghouls, muskrats and marauders in a very satisfying, tactical and slow-motion fashion.


Bethesda dropped a massive bombshell on the crowd tonight when it announced and revealed Fallout 4’s Crafting system. That’s right you read that correctly: Fallout 4 has a crafting system and it isn’t strictly weapon and armor based – even though there are apparently thousands of those. Fallout 4 will have a crafting system so in-depth that you can build your own settlement. If you decide to build your own town in Fallout you are required to plant food, build homes and set up defenses to stop marauders from looting and destroying your settlement. A feature like this could truly make Fallout 4 feel like a true survival RPG and push it that much closer to the post-apocalyptic experience we are all hoping for. Obviously I would love to dive deeper in and explain to you all the intricacies of this massive system but we were only given a taste of what’s to come and the anticipation feels like too much.

As those lights went out in the Dolby theatre and the press conference came to a close I found a renewed sense of excitement, something that I haven’t felt for a game in a long time. Everything we saw today was mind blowing and should excite even the slightest of Fallout fans. You should remember that this is only the first (yet massive) gameplay reveal we have been treated to and you should expect much more on Fallout 4 in the coming weeks.

Oh right and Bethesda announced a release date: November, 10, 2015 for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC.

They also announced a new Fallout iOS game called “Fallout Shelter“, which is set to release immediately following the conference, so if you’re reading this it’s probably already available from the Apple Store. Sorry, Android users.shelter

shelter 2

Hopefully Fallout Shelter can help make the next five months go by a little faster.

Keep up with Pulp Nation for more news from E3 2015 as it comes. You can check out full details from the first annual Bethesda E3 Press Conference here.

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