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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Round Up

Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet this year. Today’s conference, running just under an hour and a half, encompassed much of what as rumoured and leaked prior to the show, and still happened to delight viewers and fans to no end. Here come the main points.

The conference opened with a solid gameplay demo of Halo 5 Guardians and an announcement of a new multiplayer mode titled ‘Warzone’. The mode will drop 24 players into giant maps for an all out brawl to the end.


Microsoft then announced a new Elite controller that is completely customizable, allowing users to swap joysticks, add triggers, lock buttons and change out the d-pad. Then they blew the roof off the place with the announcement that Xbox One will now be backwards compatible with disc and digital Xbox 360 games starting this Holiday.

Fallout 4 is coming to the Xbox One (obviously) but with a bit of a twist. PC Mods will be playable on the Xbox One version, and Fallout 3 will be tagging along when the game comes out this November. Nice!

Rare is back in true form this year and announced they are bringing 30 classic games to the console for a mere $30 bucks. The team is also working on a brand new exclusive IP ‘Sea of Thieves’ which combines pirates and ship combat in a co-op MMO setting.


Microsoft HoloLens had a relatively short overview at the conference, demoing its Minecraft integration that will allow players to loom over their Minecraft worlds and allow them to discover new zones and plan new builds.


Closing up the show was Gears of War. Gears 1 is getting its own remaster and Gears 4, the latest in the franchise is launching next Holiday. The gameplay ignored old favourites for new faces battling a new breed of enemy. Besides the classic, beautiful looking Gears gameplay we all know and love – story was kept close the chest. Expect more at next years E3.


Other notables:
– Xbox is getting its own ‘early access’ program titled Game Preview
– EA Access is coming exclusive to consoles on Xbox giving players an instant ‘vault’ of games to download and play (today)
– Rise of the Tomb Raider looked better than Uncharted
– The Division gets an exclusive Beta on Xbox
– DayZ creator bringing new title ‘ION’ exclusive to Xbox. Looks/sounds a lot like No Man’s Sky
– In light of Microsofts partnership with Oculus, the big M announces its also partnering with ValveVR. It really wants to back Sony’s Morpheus into a corner and own the PC VR space.

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