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Sony E3 Press Conference Round Up

Monday’s day of conferences closes up with PlayStation. The reigning champion had a lot to counter after the mornings Xbox extravaganza, and for the most part Sony held its own. Playing on nostalgia through and through, the PlayStation conference showcased a lot of what the system has to offer… in 2016.

Sony blew open the doors of this year’s conference with the long (and I mean long) awaited re-reveal of The Last Guardian, after 7 or so years of hiatus, the game is confirmed to have a pulse. The demo walked us through a short puzzle in the game where our young boy protagonist is working to guide his companion half-bird, half-dog across a shaky bridge. Graphically, the game still looks a lot like its PlayStation 3 trailer, but for its art-style – it works. The Last Guardian is definitely coming in 2016. We hope.


What followed was a brand new exclusive IP from Killzone creators Guerilla Games. Titled ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ the gameplay demo followed a female protagonist through a lush post-apocalyptic landscape. Our protagonist tackled some robot monsters roaming the map, including a giant four legged beast. It is nice to see Guerilla step back from the monotony of the Killzone franchise and into something completely new.


IO Games and Square then announced the latest in the Hitman series, simply titled ‘Hitman’. The game is a digital release that will continuously update and add new contracts to elongate its lifespan.


Street Fighter 5 got a brief trailer showcasing two new characters. This is a PlayStation exclusive brought to you in no small part by Sony.


After an interesting demo of another No Mans Sky planet, Media Molecule took the stage to announce its new creation game ‘Dreams’. A game (I think) that allows players to sketch out dream-like scenes using only the DualShock 4s motion sensors.

Destiny’s latest expansion ‘The Taken King’ will be coming to the PlayStation 4 bringing new missions, classes, weapons, and more.

Sony then continued its nostalgia trip with two explosive announcements. Final Fantasy 7 is finally getting the ‘real’ remake it deserves, and Shenmue 3 will be coming to PlayStation 4; after, of course, its 2 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, launched during the conference, concludes.


Morpheus got a brief spot but no live demos or announcements of new games, a date, or a price. This was a huge letdown. Microsoft is definitely moving fast into VR/AR territory and Sony is acting a bit too timid on this front. Maybe next year, I guess.

The show concluded with some gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Sony has seemingly locked up the exclusive co-marketing deal with Activision to try and herd fans over to the PS4,) as well as an exclusive Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars game bundle, Battlefront trailer and an extended look at in-game Uncharted 4 gameplay.



All in all, a solid showing with some awesome surprises, but I’d still give the slight edge to Xbox due to primarily to it backwards compatibility announcement, and wider selection of first party games launching this year!

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