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XBox One Backwards Compatibility Details

Xbox_360_logoDuring Microsoft’s conference it was confirmed that Xbox One will now have backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Currently it is only available to Xbox Preview members but did say that it will be available for everyone this holiday season – Xbox Preview is an invite only program that requires users who are already members to invite friends.

Users will be able to access the old Xbox 360 guide with all of its features intact by pressing the view and menu buttons simultaneously. Microsoft has also confirmed that screenshot and DVR support will be available for all available Xbox 360 titles. To access these titles you simply dust off your old Xbox 360 disk, put into your Xbox One console and a prompt will appear requiring you to download the game. By design the Xbox One requires all games to be partially downloaded to the games hard drive and Xbox 360 games are no different.

As of today these are the titles that will be backwards compatible on your Xbox One.

  • A Kingdom of Keflings
  • A World of Keflings
  • Alien Hominid HD
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • BattleBlock Theater
  • Defense Grid
  • Geometry Wars Evolved
  • Hexic HD
  • Jetpac Refueled
  • Kameo
  • Mass Effect
  • N+
  • Perfect Dark
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Small Arms
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Toy Soliders
  • Toy Soliders: Cold War
  • Viva Piñata
  • Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise
  • Zuma

Microsoft has confirmed that over 100 titles will be available this holiday season.

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