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Tyrese Gibson Wants to Take the Green Lantern Oath

Fast And Furious 6
“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power… super fast cars with awesome body kits.”

Fast and the Furious star Tyrese Gibson wants to join the Lantern Corp in the Warner Brothers/ DC movies as John Stewart. He’s been campaigning online for the role using his Instagram account to post a bunch of pictures, clearly trying to put the idea into someone at Warner Bros’ head.

#TheOath has been taken…..

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Not sure why he keeps including Ryan Reynolds in his pictures, but maybe he’s thinking of a buddy cop movie. Much like his role in the Furious movies, when he teams up with the rest of the Justice League he could be the guy who yells “OH SH**!” or “Boo yeah!” whenever crazy stuff happens.

If he were to actually say anything official, Warner Brother‘ sniper would probably have him taken out, but he has confirmed very subtlety that he’s at least been in talks with someone about the role. We’ll see where his Instagram campaign for the role takes him.

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