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“Batman: Arkham Knight” Review

Batman: Arkham Knight

Available on: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

batman-arkham-knight“True fear is the absence of hope” a line so perfectly uttered by Scarecrow labels your experiences through Gotham City perfectly. Batman: Arkham Knight is Rocksteady’s 3rd game in their Arkham series it’s larger, more cinematic and darker than any other Batman title to date. This is the Batman story we deserve; it dives into Batman’s psyche in such an incredibly dark way that it leaves you glued to the screen with a plethora of twists and turns that are completely unexpected and work in almost every way.

Batman has his hands full once again as Scarecrow is threatening to release a horrible toxin, and the Arkham Knight is moving in with a military like precision threatening to take out everything Batman cares about. Batman: Arkham City was everything we always wanted from a Batman title, leaving you with an open-world playground to solve your crimes but in doing so they were never quite able to capture that cinematic excellence the series so naturally strives for. Batman: Arkham Knight fully realizes Gotham City in a way that I never could have imagined; neon lights flicker and Gothic style cathedrals line the maze like city in such an incredibly beautiful way. This is the most beautiful Batman game to date you can really tell Rocksteady put everything they have into this epic and it has really paid off. Batman’s equipped with a fairly full arsenal right off the bat providing you with batarangs, batclaw, explosive gels, oh right and you also get to drive around in the BATMOBILE. That’s right Rocksteady has finally given us a drivable Batmobile to take through the fully destructible streets of Gotham City. All of this is very exciting and flashy but does tend to wear thin when all you want to do is run around as Batman beating up bad-guys with your fists; the Batmobile is also used in extremely clever environmental puzzles.

batmobileBatman: Arkham Knight is at its best when you’re punching and kicking your way through Gotham’s most vile and despicable criminals. So it’s surprising that Rocksteady decided to slam so many combat sequences involving Batman’s transformational tank. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that the combat is poorly implemented in fact it’s quite the opposite –Tank combat is tight, fast and powerful enough to make you feel like a badass when you pull the trigger. It’s just that these sequences break up the cinematic story in such a bland and tedious way that it’s almost impossible not to dread your next armored battle. Batman’s signature fight style of strike-and-counter fist fighting is back and more fluid than ever thanks to some much needed upgrades – stealth combat is here and as good as ever. Certain abilities due tend to feel overpowered at first but Rocksteady does a great job at balancing that out by including a plethora of different enemies; For example medics will revive fallen enemies and provide their allies with unblockable shock abilities.

Technically batman is an incredible feat, loading screens are non-existent and raindrops fall off Batman’s cape in such a beautiful way. None of this bogs down the system and everything runs perfectly smooth; in my 25-30 hours I noticed no slow down or FPS drops.

gll7clkmkej7tj700s2xThe campaign is filled to the brim with some of the most exciting and compelling side missions in recent memory. Each side mission is built around a different villain; Two-face, Riddler and Penguin are just some of the fan favorites included here. Each mission has its own distinct play style for example one mission could have you racing the Batmobile through a maze of obstacles while another could have you stopping a bank heist orchestrated by one of Gotham’s most-wanted. Batman: Arkham Knight’s main quest will take around 12-15 hours to complete but to finish everything the game has to offer it will lean closer to the 45-50 hour mark. This is the most cinematically rewarding Batman game Rocksteady has made to date. You will find yourself in incredible set pieces with the Scarecrows terrifying baritone haunting you through every step, shadowing the game in the sense of finality that Batman thrives in.

Batman: Arkham Knight is Rocksteady‘s masterpiece, leaving you with a sense of scale that has been absent from comic book games since the beginning of time; Gotham City is fully realized in such an incredible and fulfilling way. Driving through the streets in the Batmobile riding up walls and breaking through the completely destructible really makes you feel like Batman but the tank sequences feel out of place and break up the story in such a very unrewarding way. Batman: Arkham Knight is burting with several twists, amazing interactions with fan favorites and incredibly intense cut scenes and of this all adds up to make this Rocksteady’s Batman game to date


+ Amazing graphics

+ Intense and fulfilling combat

+Incredible environmental puzzles

+Story dives into Batmans psyche in such a great way

+Concludes the Arkham series in the best way possible



-Tank missions are tedious.

– Climax feels too drawn out with filler combat sequences



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