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BBC Kick off Series 9 of Doctor Who with a Mysterious Prologue

For those of you going through the withdrawals that came with no new Doctor Who for 9 months, rest assured you only have a little over a week to wait for new episodes. In the meantime, you can watch the Prologue for Series 9 that BBC has released!

In typical Doctor Who style, this tease has left us with nothing but questions. Ohila (Clarie Higgins), who you may remember from the prologue to the 50th Anniversary Special The Night of the Doctor, is back with an ominous message for The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and a request to meet from an unnamed source.

Doctor Who returns to Space on September 19th… And to clarify, I mean the show will return to Space channel for us Canadians, not literally to space. Although, he probably will also literally return to space.


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