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Xander Berkeley Joins The Walking Dead Cast


Xander Berkeley has reportedly signed on to join the cast of AMC‘s The Walking Dead as a reoccurring character in the second half of season 6, with an option of signing on as a regular for season 7. Given the actor’s track record as a television bad guy, immediate speculation is that he will be playing Negan, a much anticipated villain from the comics. The original report did say that he WASN’T playing Negan, but that’s exactly what someone who was trying to hide that fact that he is playing Negan would say, isn’t it?


According the the character description, Berkeley’s mystery character does share some qualities with Negan, including “narcissism, a huge ego and self-preservation.” He is also described as a man that “wields an air of superiority combined with the charm of a car salesman”. We’ll have to wait a while to see Xander Berkeley on screen, since he won’t make an appearance until after the mid-season break. If we find out officially who he will be playing before that, we’ll definitely make sure to let you know. The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers October 11th on AMC.

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