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“Moose Jaws” Spoilers and Silent Bob’s Fate

jay-silent-bobBefore Marvel created their Marvel Cinematic Universe, indy filmmaker Kevin Smith created the View Askewniverse, a series of comedies linked together by characters, events and the city of New Jersey. Reoccurring in all of his films, were the beloved stoners (clean and sober since Clerks 2), Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith himself). Over the years, Jay and Silent Bob have always been showing up where they don’t belong, including Scream 3 and even Canada’s own Degrassi: The Next Generation. Now they’re crossing over into Smith’s other shared universe project, the True North Trilogy. The True North Trilogy is a series of Canada based horror comedies that started last year with Tusk, and we’ll see part 2 Yoga Hosers later this year and Moose Jaws ending the trilogy in 2016. We learned earlier this year that Jay and Silent Bob would be appearing in Moose Jaws, and now Kevin Smith is saying that his silent stoner counterpart will meet his demise at the jaws of the deadly moose.

“I just finished writing the scene where — spoilers — Silent Bob gets eaten by the moose. That’s how he fucking goes out! Isn’t that fun?”

Those words came from Smith himself during an interview with an Australian news site. And why would he do this? Well, because he’s not straying from the source of his satire, Jaws.

“I was talking to Jason Mewes about Moose Jaws and I’m like, ‘I’m thinking about bringing us in as the Captain Quint character’. And he goes, ‘Yeah, but Quint gets killed!’ I was like, ‘One of us has to get eaten’. And he was like, ‘You. Not me’. I was like, ‘Why?’ And he was like, ‘Because I wanna be in other movies!’ Fair enough, dude.  So, rather than let him go out with dignity, he’ll be eaten by a fucking moose.”

Kevin Smith has three films coming out next year in which Silent Bob could make an appearance. There aren’t any official release dates for Clerks 3Mallbrats or Moose Jaws, so hopefully the True North Trilogy concludes after the the other sequels so we’ll get a few more appearances from the lovable stoner before he gets tragically eaten by a moose.

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