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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Team Up Movie In The Works

With DC‘s movie universe finally underway and their continuing domination of prime time television, people are wondering what other characters from the comics we’ll see on the big or small screen next. Well, its Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Considering Booster Gold’s ties to characters from the upcoming CW series Legends of Tomorrow,  we all expected to see him show up in the television universe, but they’re actually getting a buddy cop movie that will be directed by Greg Berlanti.

Berlanti is involved with a number of DC television projects, and has worked on some movies as well… Including Green Lantern. In addition to Berlanti, another veteran comic book adapter with a bad rep may be involved. There are rumours that Zak Penn may be in line to write the screenplay. His resume of bad adaptations of comic books includes X-Men: The Last Stand, Electra, and the Fantastic 4 movie from 2005.

Uh oh.

There is one thing that could save this movie though… A few weeks ago Nathan Fillion expressed interest in playing the character Booster Gold. So get on that DC!


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