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Have Fox and Marvel Made a Fantastic Deal?


Yesterday 20th Century Fox announced that they are developing two new X-Men television series’- Hellfire and Legion. But Disney still owns the television rights to X-Men, so how are they pulling this off? Well, rumour has it that they’ve made a deal with Disney, trading the TV rights to the series’ for The Fantastic Four movie rights. This isn’t confirmed yet, but considering Fox‘s last attempt at rebooting the franchise was an absolute failure, they could finally be loosening their grips on the rights. Rumour has it that another Fantastic Four reboot might be one of the unannounced films from the 2020 dates Marvel announced last week. According to the announcement from Den of Geeks, who are reporting the information about the trade, Disney and Marvel will also get the rights for the characters Galactus, Doctor Doom, and The Silver Surfer along with the Fantastic Four movie rights.


So what are these two X-Men tv shows? Legion will be about Professor Xavier’s schizophrenic mutant son, who has powers that change with his personalities. Hellfire will be a Mad Men style 60’s drama that follows a young special agent investigating a mutant woman that is part of a secret society of millionaires who plan to take over the world.

According to the press release, Fox and Disney are actually working together to create this series. The two companies have been refusing to help each other out in recent years, holding onto the rights they have and never budging. Marvel even stopped producing X-Men toys and Fantastic Four comics in an effort to get Fox to give up their rights. If they’re working together on this, then a deal must have been met. Lets hope that means the Fantastic Four really are back in the hands of Disney and Marvel so that the characters can be a part of the MCU.

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