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New Trailer for “Batman V Superman” Premiers on Kimmel

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live they premiered another trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and it shows us a lot of things we haven’t seen yet.

WARNING: this trailer is very spoilery. It shows a little too much. If you’d prefer, check out a spoiler free cut of the trailer here.

More Bruce Wayne, more Lex Luthor, more Wonder Woman, and more… Doomsday?

We finally get an idea of what the tone of this movie is gonna be and more plot details. As we expected, there will definitely be a Justice League founders team up to fight a new common enemy at the end. Our best guess from this trailer …SPOILERS… Lex is going to use the body of Zod to create the Doomsday-like enemy.

What do you think of the trailers we’ve seen so far? Comment below and let us know! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres on March 25th, 2016.

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