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Michael Keaton is The Wolf of McWall Street!

Good morning Nation, Mark here. This isn’t quite as “geeky” as the stuff we normally try to cover but it is Michael Keaton! That guy played Batman and Beetlejuice for gosh sakes!

I was initially very excited at the prospect of Michael Keaton getting to chew scenery in Spider-Man:Homecoming so when the news broke that he was out of talks to appear in it, it was very disappointing. But take heart Keaton fans he is returning to a movie theater near you very soon!

Keaton is portraying the founder of McDonald’s , Ray Kroc in The Founder. I don’t know anything about Kroc or his story but the trailer that was just released looks really good and any excuse to see Keaton onscreen is a good one in my opinion. The film is directed by John Lee Hancock and also stars Linda Cardellini, Laura Dern and B.J. Novak. The Founder is currently scheduled for release Aug. 4

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