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Robert Downey Jr. Is A Busy Guy!


We all know Iron Man and Spider-Man are sharing some screen time in the upcoming Captain America Civil War but that won’t be that last of them appearing onscreen together. It’s been announced that Robert Downey Jr. has been cast in Spider-Man : Homecoming.

No details on the movies plot or how big a role it will be but one could surmise that it will be more than a walk on role. With this announcement it would appear that the film may very well be following the story arc of the same name in the comics which features Tony Stark/Iron Man.


Downey Jr. Has also indicated that he and director Guy Ritchie are set for a third Sherlock Holmes movie! No word on a potential release date for that a this time but it seems there is a script and the two are working on some pre-production material for it.

Between his Marvel commitments and a very likely third Holmes movie Robert isn’t going to have a ton of spare time on his hands.

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