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WWE : The Bullet Club…Who are They?

Who are the Bullet Club?

For anyone who watches the WWE branded shows, they might have seen in the crowd, on t-shirts or signs, mention of the Bullet Club. For the last six months we have seen members of this independent faction slowly infecting RAW,  NXT and Smackdown. To understand who they are, lets start where they came from.
The Bullet Club
The Bullet Club
It all starts in 2013 in a widely popular Japanese promotion, New Japan Pro Wrestling. Finn Baylor (At the time being known as Prince Devitt), turned on his face (this means “good guy”) tag team partner. This heel turn (becoming a “bad guy”) was joined by Bad Luck Fale and Toma Tonga (son of WWE’s Haku), as well as Machine Gun Karl Anderson. With a NWO like takeover of NJPW, this group was completely all-Gaijin (non Japanese) and ran through the competition.
By the end of the year Doc (Luke) Gallows and the tag team, The Young Bucks would join this stable. The team would destroy anyone that got in the way of it’s members. They would mock and show disrespect in the ring and use NWO and DX type gimmicks to show the level of distaste for their opponents. By the summer of 2014, Bullet Club was no longer a NJPW stable but had made appearances in other promotions across the world, such as AAA (mexico) and Ring of Honor.
Cody Hall and his Father, Scot Hall
Cody Hall and his Father, Scot Hall
As time went on new members were recruited like AJ Styles, the first Asian team member  Yujiro Takahashi  and the son of Scott Hall (Razor Ramone) , Cody Hall. Bullet Club conquered most titles and promotions in a widely popular takeover. After AJ and Baylor’s signings to WWE, Kenny Omega took over. Most of the members have moved on from Bullet Club. Kenny Omega and the Wild Bucks have become The Elite. Toma Tonga and his brother, now a Samoan tag team. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows have made their RAW debut.
Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows
Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows

Fast forward to the now: Finn Baylor, until recently was the NXT champion, and AJ Styles, had just fought for the WWE championship at Payback with Gallows and Anderson in his corner. Whats next for Bullet Club? When will the band get back together? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more!

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