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Indie Wrestling Update May 2016

Indie Wrestling Scene
So much took place over the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to catch you up.
Evolve 61
Drew Galloway took on Johnny Gargano in the main event, when the bout was interrupted by TNA’s Ethan Carter 3. EC3 and the TNA current champ, once known as Drew McIntyre. EC3 decided it was time for an impromptu promo in which he roasted WWE, HHH and the NXT brand as a whole. To quote the man
“[Galloway] became a world champion on his own. I became a world champion on my own. So the way I look at it, you know who kinda blew it? The 203. Stamford, CT. Up north. The ‘King of Kings’, that’s who blew it.” Than further “You wanna take that next step? You wanna get to the show everybody loves? ‘Oh we have great matches, compelling characters, great storylines, NXT, NXT, yay! You know what makes a star? Surviving. Try surviving obstacle courses. Getting slimmed. Wheelbarrow races. Six-minute TV matches where you can’t do any of your cool moves. And Redemption Points! Here we stand, a true success story of independence. Independence is not [ ] to the machine; independence is succeeding despite it.” I guess the man had a lot on his mind.
House of Hardcore 14
This was especially exciting as the venue was in our front yard of the Scotiabank Convention Center. Even more exciting was the event was attended by yours truly and Mr Editor-in-Chief Paul Tappay. The Card was above par and had great crowd interaction. During the main event of Bobby Roode vs Eric Young, the crowd was able to put a stop the match by singing our national anthem Oh Canada. Highest spot of the event still goes to Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James vs Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb, during the match friend of Pulp Nation Zach Van Ede handed Tommy Dreamer his prosthetic leg, in which Dreamer brought it crashing down on Parks family jewels. As the crowd cheered on Zach and his detachable limb, pride was all he could show. I had the opportunity to ask Zach about the moment, his response as follows “I’m gonna tell you all, with a tear IN MY EYE, this is the greatest moment in my life.”  Tommy dreamer uses my leg
ROH Global Wars
bullet club
Big moment in the main event, as we see Colt Cabana take on Jay Lethal for the championship title. The match itself was great but what needs to be brought to everyone’s attention is what happens near the end of the match when the Young Bucks come out with two Bullet Club t-shirts. The crowd went ballistic, was it Jay or Colt of both that were being recruited, lights go out. As the lights come back on we see in the ring the new leader of the Bullet Club, Adam Cole. Queue the super kick party. 51 super kicks would be delivered as Bullet Club dismantled the entire ring crew and back stage staff.
See you after Raw my friends

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