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Dywan gives his thoughts on if you should join Colony or not!

Picture yourself in the near future. The world you as you currently know it is no longer. Invaders aka the “Hosts” (Most likely aliens, at least that’s what the show is making us believe) have taken over. The Hosts have erected a 30 story wall all around Los Angeles to contain the population. You still live your regular day keeping a job, and raising a family, but you are not privileged enough to drive, so you must walk or ride your bike everywhere. They have setup an elite group of people who are known as “Proxies”, and are the only ones who deal with the hosts and carry out whatever they require. You and I are not these people and we never get to seen them. There is a military/policing group formed of our own kind known as the Redhats who are to keep the peace through fear. Security checkpoints, Random abductions, and if you’re out past curfew then you will be shot on site. If you revolt in any way you and your family will be executed or sent into slave labour to a facility only known as “The Factory”. With food shortages and minimal health care options life is tough, but that is life in The Colony.


The Colony (USA network) is very much relying on mystery to keep everyone guessing and learning what has, and is happening. You never hear what year it is, or how the invasion happened. Most of all you don’t ever see the Hosts. All we do know is the show starts up about 1 year after the Invasion, known as the “Arrival”, and we can see buildings that have been war torn from those days. The show revolves around two main characters in Will Bowman (Josh Holloway, Lost) and Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies, Prison Break, Walking Dead). They are a married couple with 3 children but are only with 2 of them since they were separated with their son during the Arrival. Will takes it upon himself to find his child by leaving the colony believing there is a chance he may still be alive. He is eventually caught in the act, but is given mercy by Proxy Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson, House) since Will used to be covert military operative, and has a certain set of skills that could be useful to him. Will is then tasked with hunting down a rebellious group known as the “Resistance”, and find their leader Geronimo with his new partner Beau (Carl Weathers, If I have to tell you what Carl Weathers has been in you deserve to be slapped). Colony2In exchange Proxy Snyder will help Will find and reunite him and his family with his son. The catch however unbeknownst to Will is his wife Katie, who is part of the Resistance, risking her own and family’s lives, but now she has somebody on the inside in her husband Will.


So all in all the question is if this is a show worth watching . Depends on how much TV you watch. If you enjoy binge watching Full seasons of shows at a time and enjoy Sci-Fi’s then I’d definitely give this a shot. If however you only have a few hours a week to dedicate to shows, then there is much better programming out there to eat up those few hours. The acting in this isn’t horrible but far from good and I don’t think that we will ever like Sarah Wayne Callies in anything she ever does. I’ve got my hopes that they kill her off in this show as well in the future, but that’s probably just a dream. Overall I give this show a 6/10.


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