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Dusty’s Weekly Wrestling Roundup!

We will continue the weekly Pops And Drops portion in the format that will include all three shows. This week was filled with debuts and releases. Some bad news for Adam Rose fans, as he was arrested for domestic abuse towards his wife. Also on the sore side of things Christian has been added to the large list of recent releases, WWE executive states more to be in the upcoming months. So to get to the good stuff:



big casBig Cas with the big push. With Enzo out for now, one would have thought Colin Cassidy would get the backseat, not the case from Raw.

– Chair games between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, could make an interesting game of a chair showdown at the upcoming Extreme Rules.

-Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn taking over the show again with KO standing as victor.

-Baron Corbin taking the mid to low card on Big Cas makes me smile a little. “How You Doin?”

-Way too excited for Bob Backlund.

-Surprise bait-n-switch with main event having Chris Jericho vs. Big Cas, rather than the Roman show.



-Dana Brooke’s debut to continue working with heel Emma taking on Becky Lynch.

-The destruction of Y2J’s very expensive jacket. It just hurts to see that beaut get trashed.

-Puerto Rico does not seem appealing with these old school Razor Ramon like promos

p rico





-Finn Balor appears for the first time since loosing the title to Samoa Joe

-Shinsuke Nakamura ends Alex Riley’s WWE career (released after taping) with a huge Kinshasa

-Another past superstar’s daughter takes the stage, this one being Rachel Ellering

-Austin Ares was challenged by Blake and Murphy, now next week we will see A Double calling in a “friend” to team up and take them out. Could it be Eric Young or maybe Bobby Roode?

-American Alpha are what ever tag should strive to be.

-Finn Vs Joe could build to a instant classic




-That NXT is only 1 hour long




-More Intercontinental build up, Miz and Owens vs Zayn and Caesaro

-Kofi Kingston vs. Aiden English, the rest of the crew was sent to the back.

-The straight jacket for Ambrose





– The Miz.miz

As WWE week in review gets an even 3 Armbars

Also this just in from ROH side of things, Adam Page has joined Bullet Club. He has been making a habit of hanging wrestlers with a noose, first Chris Sabin, than at a taped show Colt Cabana. Also confirmed Adam Page will continue his role in Bullet Club in NJPW.


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