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Dusty gets hardcore with his look at last night’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV!

As we open into the world of what is a modern day “extreme”, we have two of the warriors of said phrase, The Dudleys. They start with getting the crowd into it with jabs. As we hear the music hit and out comes Big Cas. Big Cas seems to be having his mic time written by Enzo, his injuried partner. A barrage of insults are dropped by the seven footer, “How You Doin”. Cas enters the ring and gives them a quick beat down, and than hes out, “How You Doin”.

Next up was a fluff match with no disqualifications, Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin. Nothing outstanding to report other than Corbin getting the W.

The Club follows with the Uso’s in a tornado tag match. Good match with Uso’s and their high flying style, while Gallows and Anderson stick to that smash mouth beat down. I enjoy both teams so this got high marks.

WWE’s resident Beauty and the Beast, Rusev and Lana made easy work of Kalisto to capture the United States Championship.

The New Day stay your WWE Tag Team Champions as they defend the titles against the Vaudevillians.


Next is guaranteed match of the night, Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4-Way Match. We have a instant classic with Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Caesaro and Miz. This bout was filled with almost wins and huge finishers that don’t complete the three count. Usually I am against anything Miz but with Maryse by his side, not the case. As he stole the victory again, the groans of disappointment and confusion why the other three are not victorious hit immediately.

Now we make time for the first ever Asylum Match. Ambrose and Jericho have been building something great here. Enter the steel structure that has weapons hung from the top of the cage. From a barbed wire bat to a mop and bucket, from a straight jacket to a kendo stick. This match was defiantly the only truly “extreme” match. These to men brutalized each other until the end came to fruition with Y2J getting dropped onto a thumbtack covered canvas.


The WWE Women’s Championship Submission Match follows here, with Charlotte and Natalya going back and forth the whole match, we end with an interruption of Dana Brooke interfering and getting Charlotte the win.

Enter AJ Styles, followed by “The Guy” Roman Reigns. What a fight fest. We went back and fourth throughout without any sight of who will be the champ at the end. The crowd abused Roman with chants and insults, which are not valid, “You cant wrestle”? Roman can and does wrestle. We saw The Club show up and the Uso’s interfere. As we think AJ has captured the title Roman hits the spear and the three count commences. As Roman is getting up the crowd pops and in comes Seth Rollins. Seth grabs Reigns and crushes the Samoan with a pedigree.


Overall the PPV was great. Slow start with a rapid rise to an awesome finish. For this I give a 3.5mbars out of 5. Four would have been deserved if we saw a reason the showoff and Corbin was a no DQ.

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