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Dusty’s Wrestling Round up!

Hey all, a couple of updates from our world inside the squared circle

Adam Rose will have to continue his party elsewhere as WWE has released him due to his domestic abuse charges.

Ryback sent out a heavy tweet challenging fans to chant for him joining Impact Zone during Sunday’s Extreme Rules. Ryborg has been at war with WWE executives for a couple of months, we will wait to see if we get to see TNA take on the BIG GUY.

The next release hits hard as Cody Rhodes has demanded a release due to creative differences. codyWWE has granted the release, however he will not be able to compete until the contract is up. Grotesque, Dashing or Stardust, I will continue to follow Cody wherever he ends up. For Cody’s full rant follow his twitter, @CodyRhodes.


The Heartbreak Kid made his appearance at the Pittsburgh Penguins game on Sunday. The third line has been dubbed the HBK line due to the players initials adding up to HBK. Shawn Michaels showed his support and endorsed the use of his moniker. Also don’t forget HBK will be appearing at Niagara Falls ComicCon this Saturday!hbk

ESPN 30 in 30 will feature the Ric Flair story. Pulp Nation will have this on review, so keep posted.


This wrassling update brought to you by Right Guard .


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