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What the heck is going on with Star Wars: Rogue One?! We attempt to answer that.

Let’s talk Star Wars: Rogue One. I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines on your Facebook timelines or in splashed across a Yahoo! news site. “Disney Execs In A Panic!”, “Rogue One Is A Hot Mess!”, etc. If you haven’t seen them what they’re referring to is the news that Star Wars: Rogue One is undergoing 4 weeks of reshoots. And while reshoots are a pretty routine thing for a lot of movies 4 weeks of them is pretty huge. That’s a full month of what will be very expensive reshoots. Not that Disney or Lucasfilm needs to worry about money of course.

According to the NY Post the word is that Disney Execs were not happy with how the movie was testing and ordered the reshoots. According to Deadline no testing was done at all Disney simply wasn’t happy with the initial cut of the film and found it tonally wrong for a Star Wars movie. So what’s the deal?

Director Gareth Edwards said he wanted to make a war movie set within the Star Wars universe. Maybe that’s exactly what he did. That would fit with what Deadline is reporting. We also know that writer Christopher McQuarrie was brought in to rewrite and/or polish the screenplay that Chris Weitz wrote. So thing’s haven’t exactly been smooth sailing with this project. And if we’re being completely honest with ourselves were any of us really excited that the director of 2014’s Godzilla and the writer of The Golden Compass and About A Boy were the creative driving force behind this?

So I did a little digging the last couple of days and heard back from a friend who works in Hollyweird and claims to have some info from friends of theirs that work at one of the FX houses for Rogue One. Not having any reason to not believe them, and it makes sense with thing’s we know for sure, here’s what they’re saying.

Disney had already planned, and budgeted, for reshoots to be scheduled for this summer. The movie was rushed into production using early drafts of the script because they had to do so in order to meet the December 2016 release. (similar to what happened with The Force Awakens.)

So the plan was to shoot what script they had ( makes sense as they did bring on Christopher McQuarrie to do rewrites while the film was shooting), put together an initial edit of the film with temp FX in, and scrutinize the result. From there, decisions would be made on what needed to be done to “punch up” the movie.

The company these people work for are being paid by Disney to remain “on call” to be ready to drop everything and  immediately work on new CG FX to go with whatever new footage is shot.

At this point in time I’m inclined to say that the reports that Disney is trying to save the movie is bogus. While I certainly don’t have a ton of faith in Edwards as a director or Weitz as head writer McQuarrie carries weight with me as a writer. MI5 Rogue Nation, Edge Of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, and Valkyrie were very well written. Heck McQuarrie gets a lifetime pass for The Usual Suspects as far as I’m concerned. And c’mon, that trailer! There’s no way it can be a disaster. Right?



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