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A Chat With Amanda Wyss

A Chat with Amanda Wyss!


It’s been 33 years since A Nightmare On Elm Street debuted and had audiences too scared to sleep. One of its stars has been too busy for much sleep. Amanda Wyss rose to fame with the role of Tina Gray, Freddy’s first onscreen victim and she’s never looked back. And while she’s thankful for the prominence Nightmare brought her and is happy that she’s remembered for it she prefers to not focus on it. “I feel like I’ve said all there is to say about it at this point” she tells me. When I mention her work in Fast Times At Ridgemont High And Better Off Dead she gives a warm smile. “What’s interesting is that all three of those films are on their third generation of audiences.  Little kids come up to me with parents who were the second generation of audience! I find that humbling and amazing. Oh, and Silverado the same thing!” The fans certainly haven’t forgotten either as she’s been quite busy through her three days at Niagara Falls ComicCon. “It certainly feels like it’s the same volume of fans that want an autograph or something since the movies first came out. It’s truly amazing.”

She’s very excited about several upcoming projects that she hopes long-time and new fans will enjoy. “I have a new movie coming out called Big Legend, that’s a monster movie or creature feature if you prefer. There’s also The Watcher Of Park Avenue and that’s about a serial killer. And I have a cameo in The Hatred which is a paranormal ghost story. Also, I begin a movie called The Orchard this summer about a family in an orchard and…things don’t go as planned for them” she says with a laugh. All are movies that horror fans should enjoy. She’s very excited about her current project The ID that’s currently streaming on Amazon and is also available on Blu-Ray. A thriller/horror about a woman that is caring for her domineering father. This one has a connection with the film that brought her to the public eye A Nightmare On Elm Street. It’s the directorial feature debut for Tommy Hutson who was the producer of the Never Sleep Again documentary, the quintessential documentary on the Elm Street series. “The ID is just a creepy and relentless movie. If you like being scared and creeped out I think you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully people check it out and enjoy it.”

Amanda has enjoyed her weekend here and is very thankful to everyone that has come out to Niagara Falls ComicCon. “To be here at these conventions where people still love Nightmare and everything else and are still along for the ride after all these years is really amazing to me. It’s very humbling.”

Pulp Nation thanks Amanda for her time and coming to Niagara Falls ComicCon. It was a real treat to meet with her and chat. Be sure to check out her upcoming movies. The ID is currently available via Amazon and iTunes.

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