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When I saw the first ad for The Orville, I turned to my wife and exclaimed, “This is going to be awesome!” I was ecstatic; this show was going to combine two of my favourite things.

Firstly, I love science fiction. Secondly, while Seth MacFarlane’s humour is not for everyone, I would be lying to you if I told you I don’t find him hilarious.

I’m also a huge fan of Star Trek in all its iterations. I especially love sci-fi send-ups like the Tim Allen film Galaxy Quest, which was how FOX was promoting the show.

It’s Not a Ripoff, It’s an Homage

Not surprisingly, many people are calling The Orville a complete and total ripoff of Star Trek. It’s actually closer to an homage than a ripoff. Since serialized TV began, shows have been borrowing concepts and stories and reusing and retelling them for new generations. So what’s the problem exactly?

Honestly, would you really think someone like Jonathan Frakes—of New Generation fame—would be involved in the show if he thought it was it was “creatively, morally, and ethically bankrupt” as one critic suggested?

U Mad Bro?

I think The Orville’s harshest critics misunderstood the premise of the show from the beginning. And because it’s not what they expected, they’re giving The Orville a hard time.

They wanted a raunchy space comedy and they didn’t get it. *Sarcasm Alert* Seth MacFarlane has the gall to play against type and they kill him for it. Makes you wonder if some critics even watched it.

The Orville Surprised Me in a Good Way

The Orville wasn’t what I expected, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was expecting an “hilarious comedy” as that was how FOX was promoting it; but, I found it played more as a drama with humour interspersed to give it some levity.

People expecting live-action Family Guy or American Dad will be disappointed. The show doesn’t rely on the usual tropes that we’ve come to expect from MacFarlane and that’s not a bad thing. The humour is lighthearted and well-placed. MacFarlane and the rest of the cast play their roles with sincerity and given time I think it will surprise even its harshest critics.

I finally found something else to watch on Sunday night’s since I quit The Walking Dead.

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