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Jelly Vampire! by Ida Neverdahl – Kickstarter Launch

Jelly Vampire!

As a collective, we support all creators regardless of sex, race, creed, etc. As such, we are proud to throw our support behind a new project by Emet Comics: Jelly Vampire! by Ida Neverdahl.

Promoting Diversity in Comics

Emet comics, founded by Maytal Gilboa, promotes diversity in the world of storytelling by empowering girls and women. With a core group of both females and males, they have worked tirelessly since 2015 to achieve this goal.

Emet’s Newest Project: Jelly Vampire!

Emet’s most recent project is by Norwegian creator Ida Neverdahl. Jelly Vampire! follows the adventures of Lulu Lulusen and her pet unicorn. She looks cute and quirky, but she’s got a dark sense of humour that’s bound to make you belly laugh!

Emet has launched a Kickstarter campaign¬†to support Ida’s new book.

Join us in supporting Ida and Emet Comics!

Tell¬†Bradley that he writes wonderful prose or that he’s a hack here.

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