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Superhero Haiku Tuesday

Hey Nation! It’s been much too long since I wrote an article for Pulp Nation. Having said that, I wish to take this opportunity to apologize to Paul and all the denizens of Pulp Nation for my inactivity. It’s not going to happen again. I can promise you that. In a future article, I’m going to go into a little more detail in why I wasn’t around—for those of you who noticed!—but today I want to introduce you to Superhero Haiku!

You remember learning Haiku in school? If you’re anything like me, you didn’t appreciate it until much later in life. Actually, if you’re interested, I have been publishing daily Haiku at my website, but for right now please take a look at my first four Superhero haiku!

Superhero Haiku

uncle died, he realized
his pow’r was for all

mind-altering strength
original five member
always the Phoenix

his home world destroyed
earth’s yellow star strengthens him—
lonely existence

gods bonded her soul
with clay from Paradise shores—
fierce, yet nurturing

Any Guesses?

I’m sure even the casual comic reader will immediately know the subjects of my superhero haiku. In any case, if you aren’t sure, I will reveal their identities in next week’s Superhero Haiku column.

Bradley is the self-proclaimed poet laureate of Pulp Nation. Tell him he’s gifted or inept here.

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