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Superhero Haiku Tuesday #3

Hey Nation! It’s time for our third edition of Superhero Haiku Tuesday. Today we step out from the shadow of the Big Two with some haiku about alternative comic heroes. Additionally, if you send the Pulp Nation Facebook page the correct answers you will be entered in a draw for a $10 Tim Horton’s card. Enjoy!

Alternative Comic Heroes Haiku

honourary man
summoned here by the “Mad Monk”—
devilish smile

Howard’s invention
discovers secret of flight
dive-bombs criminals

force recon marine
killed innocent went to hell
dark anithero

haggard creation
plucked from King Solomon’s Mines
bath of flame gave life

Last Week’s Subjects

Did you guess last week’s haiku subjects? They were Darkseid, Mystique, Rhino, and Devastation!

Bradley is the self-proclaimed poet laureate of Pulp Nation. Tell him he’s gifted or inept here. You can also visit him at Rolled Spine.

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