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Harlan Ellison Dies at 84 Years of Age

Harlan Ellison
Credit: Barbara Alper/Getty

Harlan Ellison, critically acclaimed science fiction author, has died. He was 84.

Admittedly, I’m late posting this news. I’ve been away from the Pulp news desk for a couple days and missed this tweet from Ellison family friend, Christine Valada.

Harlan Ellison – Most Contentious Person on Earth

As abrasive as he was prolific, Ellison rarely, if ever, avoided conflict. Even the dust jackets on his own books labeled him the “possibly most contentious person on earth.”

A fine example, did you know, one of the reasons Ellison started writing and publishing in 1950s was because a former professor of his told him he had no talent? He only went on the redefine science fiction, even though he preferred the term “speculative fiction.”

Whatever one may think of him, he called it as he saw it and wasn’t afraid of uncomfortable truths.


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