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Who is Pulp Nation?

Hammer Hands (Chris Biggs)

Hammerhands aka Chris BiggsAfter loosing his hands in a smelting accident at age 12, his father (a traditional blacksmith) forged and fused two anvil hammers to his mutilated stumps. This of course lead to Chris becoming a social outcast and spending many an evening alone on his apartment rooftop crying to the stars. It was on one of these nights that a freak bolt of lightning split and struck Chris in both limbs at the same time, infusing his hammers with electric energy while giving him super strength and regenerative powers. The monkey? Have you ever tried to wipe your ass with hammers? Exactly.

Frankendrew (Drew Comerford)

Frankendrew aka Drew ComerfordThe youngest student to ever be accepted to MIT (7 years old) Drew was a certified child genius. Unfortunately his other organs, limbs…basically everything were nowhere near as powerful as his brain. Drew in a desperate attempt to match the power of his body to that of his mind started experimenting with different animal organs and appendages. Some worked out, and some…not so much. The team takes great pleasure in replacing Drew’s parts (which he loses regularly in battle) with the most obscure and useless replacements they can find. Drew is not a fan of this ongoing tomfoolery.

Blast Masterson (Paul Tappay)

Blastmasterson aka Paul TappayPaul came in third in his regional grade 8 wrestling tournament and has thought about nothing else since. He will grapple anyone at anytime…anywhere. With serious aggression issues interfering with Paul keeping a job, he searched out nontraditional methods of reaching peace and tranquility. He discovered an ancient Hungarian amulet, that when worn close to the heart absorbs all aggressive and violent energy. However, when spun around the neck (yes like a hula-hoop) converts this energy and infuses the wearer with super speed, strength and agility…along with vocal sonic blasts. Despite the power of the amulet Paul is still extremely intense and sometimes annoying.

Bradley Shea (Bradley Shea)

Bradley SheaThe self-proclaimed Poet Laureate of Pulp Nation, Bradley’s superpower flows through his fountain pen. A flourish of his pen strikes fear into the hearts of professional writers everywhere. Of course, they don’t fear he will wrestle their jobs away; they just don’t wish to be associated with him.