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Eradication, World of Warcraft Guild


Eradication is an Alliance World of Warcraft Guild dedicated to having fun with guildies and the destruction of the Horde on the US Tichondrius realm.


Guild Masters

Aedowyn – Gnome Fire Mage

VoidBlessed – Void Elf Destruction Warlock

Liuv – Gnome Assassination Rogue

Co-Guild Masters

Beastinit – Human Fury Warrior

Smashing Keys – Human Blood Death Knight


Adventurz – Gnome Beast Mastery Hunter

Lore Master

Bullarygyn – Dwarf Retribution Paladin


FrazenPlato – Night Elf Restoration Druid – Frazen’s Channel

For the our complete roster, click here.

Get in touch with ERADICATION by finding us in-game or emailing us at eradication@pulpnation.ca.