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Nerd Play is a weekly 60 minute interview/talk show featuring the biggest news, events and topics involving nerd culture. Movies, television, science fiction, gaming, tech and comics are staple genres from which content, guests and tomfoolery will be pulled. Also the occasional more niche nerd subject covered WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT DAMMIT!

The show features radio and nerd veteran Chris Biggs (winner of 2007’s “World’s Most Supple Thighs” contest) as the host and Drew Comerford (who’s internal organs are only 73% original parts) as producer and co-host. A whole slew of other friends (not really) and experts (blowhards) will also be regular contributors to the program. The show will also feature a range of different celebrity guests (if they ever return our calls) from all walks of nerd life.

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