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5×5 With The Hook: Sam Maggs

Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing right now, it’s a safe bet Sam Maggs is smiling.

TORONTO, ONTARIO: MAY 6, 2015--FANGIRL--Author Sam Maggs, who has penned the book The Fangirl's Guide To The Galaxy, spoke with National Post reporter Rebecca Tucker at Penguin Random House's Toronto offices, Wednesday May 6, 2015.  (Peter J. Thompson/National Post) [For Arts & Entertainment story by Rebecca Tucker/Arts & Entertainment]  //NATIONAL POST STAFF PHOTO

Sam Maggs is always smiling; that’s one of the things we love about her, right? At a ridiculously-young age (I think she just stopped wearing diapers, that’s how youthful she appears), Maggs has already conquered the Multiverse. She is..

A writer. (The words in the nerdrific tome, The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy are all hers.)

5163YHRt18L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_An associate editor for The Mary Sue which, according to my sixteen-year-old daughter, is “the greatest site for girls since two nerds invented the internet in their parents’ garage.

And of course, there’s Sam Maggs Dot Com. If you haven’t seen this site, you haven’t truly lived. Visiting Sam Maggs Dot Com is like beholding the face of the Creator while engaged in a romantic rendezvous with Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, and Lynda Carter – while mainlining Red Bull. Actually, that barely scratches the surface. See it for yourself and be forever changed. But only after you’ve finished searching this site, of course.

She’s even found time to be a games writer for The National Post.

Even those of you who aren’t hardcore nerds will recognize Maggs; you’ve seen a larger-than-life version of her on the big screen during the Cinplex Pre-Show. (Yep. She’s that girl.)

Heck, for all I know, she’s the current ruler of the Dreamscape.

Long bio short, the girl is everywhere these days. Never mind Zuul, open your refrigerator and chances are, you’ll see Sam Maggs smiling back at you.

Still not sold on Maggs’ magnificence? Here are five bullet points to further illuminate you.

  1. She is so cool… Bobby Drake cannot go near her for fear of catching pneumonia.
  2. Her girlish laughter is the only weapon capable of slaying a Kardashian.
  3. Eric Lenhnsherr was inspired by Maggs’ natural magnetism when he adopted the persona of “Magneto”. His first codename? Helmet Guy.
  4. Her niceness has been declared the real world’s first actual super power. Don’t ask me to verify that, I’m too busy for things like “fact-checking” and “telling the truth”. As for her niceness, you’d be amazed how many celebrities/personalities didn’t even respond to my  interview requests. (I can only assume they’ve read my book.) But not Maggs. She’s good people, people.
  5. She can cosplay like no one you’ve ever seen. The girl has mad skills.

And now, after much adieu, here are five fun, quirky queries with Sam Maggs.sammaggssonic_11

1)  Sandals: Socks or no?  (I’m not afraid to ask the really big questions, obviously.)

NEVER. The biggest fashion faux-pas. How dare.

2)  Marvel or DC: In your opinion, which company does a better job of providing empowering, kick-butt female characters?

I’m loving Marvel right now – with the addition of Sana Amanat on their creative direction team, they’re doing some amazing things. Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spider-Women, Spider Gwen, Squirrel Girl, and now a female Blade – they have so many great comics for ladies! I think DC is catching up though, with titles like Batgirl, Gotham Academy, and Black Canary.

y50pnmcntjzdxxkpwukg3)  Who would be your fandom “dream interview”, living or dead?

Amanda Tapping. She’s my geek girl hero and I’ve loved her since Stargate SG-1!

4)  Your favorite Doctor?  (A tough one, I know, but everyone has one that stands above the rest.)

I have to be a cliche and say Eleven. I think season 5 (NuWho) is the best season of Doctor Who, and Matt Smith just does such a great job of balancing the playful youth of the Doctor with his ragged edges.

5)  Being a Cineplex Pre-show host must have opened a ton of doors for you; what’s next for Sam Maggs?

More writing, I think! And more on-camera stuff if it works out! But I’m really going to be focusing on my writing for a while; it’s my real passion.


And there you go, kids; an early Christmas present from me to you. Still not convinced Sam Maggs is a fangirl extraordinaire? Learn to embrace magic, you Muggle!

See you on the streets of Pulp Nation, my fellow nerds…




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