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Why Can’t I Quit The Walking Dead?

Well, the season premiere of The Walking Dead’s season 7 is in the books and… I’m conflicted.
Watching The Walking Dead reminds me of a relationship you know isn’t working, yet you stay anyway. Your mind knows it’s time to move on, but your heart can’t bear the thought of moving on. Pulp Nation, I know I probably should, but I can’t quit The Walking Dead.

I am among throngs of viewers who experienced vast disappointment in the Season 6 finale. I wasn’t upset we didn’t see who Lucille’s victim was; it upset me because the finale was basically the same 10-minute episode repeated multiple times. If you happened to miss the show, but saw all the marketing hype beforehand you already knew what transpired. The story never moved forward.

The Hard Left Turn

Regarding the season 7 premiere, Showrunner Scott Gimple promised a “hard left turn” from the source material—which, by the way, I have no such doubts about; The Walking Dead comics have yet to cause disillusion—but I failed to see it during last night’s premiere. Now, while it is true I’m directionally challenged, I know the difference between a hard left, and a long, slow turn.

Negan is the biggest of the bads; in The Walking Dead universe, there has never been a bigger bad. Consider the Governor was around for 21 issues of the comics; Negan has been around since issue 100 and is still kicking as we wait for issue 160 to hit comic book stores in November. There is a massive trove of story material to dive into and disseminate. For Negan’s appearance to be more about who he “introduced” to Lucille than developing his character, did a disservice to one of the most controversial and provocative villains in television.

I Can’t Quit The Walking Dead

As many before me, I’ve given The Walking Dead more chances than it probably deserves, but I just can’t quit the Walking Dead. Why? I don’t know; maybe my therapist can explain it to me. Can anyone in Pulp Nation explain it to me?

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