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Interview with Butch Patrick

When I first heard I had an opportunity to cover Niagara Falls Comic Con for Pulp Nation, I immediately checked out the guest list. One of the names that popped out for me as a must-meet was Butch Patrick of Munsters’ fame.

On Sunday morning of comic con I had a chance to meet with Mr. Patrick. Even though the show was on the air for only two years, Munsters and his character Eddie has delighted families for multiple generations—mine included.

Butch Patrick: A Star for Every Member of the Family

Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster, the MunstersAs a young lass my mother used to watch shows like I Dream of Jeanie and The Munsters. When I spoke to her by phone before the entering the Con her voice picked up when I mentioned the the gentleman who played Eddie would be in attendance.

My Mom’s birthday is coming up so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, have a short interview and get my Mom an Eddie Munster keepsake for her birthday.

Not only did I get my keepsake for my Mom, Mr. Patrick even made a special birthday video for my mother. He’s a true gentleman who appreciates his fans and the impact The Munsters has had on multiple generations.

One Question for Butch Patrick

I told him I had one question. I didn’t want to take up a lot of his time—and a line up was startinButch Patrickg to form up behind me. My question was about why he thought shows like The Munsters and others from that era have such staying power.

In his response he spoke about the wholesome content. It was a different time when people had dinner at 6—together—and kept their doors unlocked. “Baby boomers” he said, “didn’t need or even want explosions.” They wanted wholesome comedic content the whole family could enjoy.

Munsters also had the advantage of being produced by Universal Studios which owned the rights to popular monster films. Also, Universal also gave them access to superior sets and special effects that gave them a step up on other shows of the time.

I mentioned the family dynamic of show and that I’ve read how close the cast seemed to be. Mr. Patrick expounded on how not only were the cast members great actors they were a true family in every sense of the world.

One question turned into a conversation and one I won’t soon forget for a long time.

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