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Importance of Comic-Con for your kids

This past weekend was the Niagara Falls Comic Con at the Scotiabank Centre. Some of you may be saying “well duh! Everyone knows that” while others may be scratching their heads, not knowing to what I am referring. For the longest time, I was in the second category, that is until three or so years ago. It was then that my kids and husband (Pulp Nation’s own Bradley) began to mention this event on an increasingly frequent basis.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob

For those of you who don’t know about Comic Con, it is by far the largest multi-genre entertainment, as well as comic gathering hosted yearly in the City of Niagara Falls. This convention showcases an enormous assortment of pop culture and entertainment elements across practically every genre. Horror, Anime, manga, clothing, collectibles, video games, webcomics, and celebrity experiences are all rolled into this awesome event.

Like I mentioned, I never truly grasped the magnitude or importance of Comic Con for my kids—and the biggest nerd of all Bradley, who got to meet one of his favourite TV stars, Butch Patrick—until this past weekend when the family finally attended. Truly Mind-Blowing! Comic-Con includes a massive floorspace for exhibitors to display and promote their incredible talents. There is an area where celebrities will kindly autograph a picture for you, as well as what is known as Artists’ Alley where you can meet and speak with artists, learning about the various paths that brought them to comics.

But why is this collection of eclectic individuals important for your kids?


A Comic Con Mom with Food for Thought

comic con mom and sonFor our children’s generation, increasingly living in the virtual world, Comic Con brings together the various aspects of your kids’ loves and interests, in a way that allows you to tag along. Comic-Con is the world where what you dream, imagine, and enjoy all come together. Dress as your all-time superhero, talk with others who love the same obscure comic as you, meet actors from film and television, or speak to artists that inspire your child.


Comic Con gives your child the opportunity to show you something they know tons about and enjoy chatting about endlessly. What’ even better is there is no need for you to master a video game, be up on the latest movie, or recall the intricate back stories of your child’s favorite comic. You only need to be there.

Our family went all three days, and at the beginning of each one, the sparkle, joy, and excitement in my children’s eyes told this Comic Con Mom of the importance of Comic-Con.



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