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Stephen King’s IT Film Review

Well Nation, after all the hype and record breaking trailers, the new It adaptation finally arrived in theatres tonight. I was so excited to see this film that I even convinced my wife—not a horror fan—to come and see it with me. I was even more excited to write my It film review as soon as I got home.

And then, I saw It, and It sucked.

Poor Character Development

Stephen King is well known for character development, almost to a fault. Of course, translating that amount of character development to a film is next to impossible. However, it was pretty non-existent in this film.

Consider this, “It” (Bill Skarsgård) feeds on fear, particularly what people fear the most. That’s his thing; his basis of existence. With one exception—Beverly Marsh(Sophia Lillis)—, the filmmakers don’t even touch on what truly scares the kids within the Loser’s Club.

An argument might be made that with seven characters this lack of development is inevitable. And that Nation, is a steaming pile of loogie. For all its flaws, The 1990s adaptation had no such problem.

Take into account, the character of Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs). He didn’t play a bit part in either the miniseries or the book. In fact, in both the book and miniseries he played the unifying role. In this new film, he’s reduced to the homeschooled kid who lived on a farm.

Same Horror Tropes Over and Over

One of the first articles I ever wrote for Pulp Nation was about the season 7 opener of The Walking Dead. I briefly mentioned that the previous finale was merely the same 10-minute episode repeated over and over.

The reasons I bring that up is the first half of It has the same problem. Each child’s experience with “It” is essentially the same, with one exception as mentioned previously. A slow build up, then spooky eyes, and Pennywise lunging towards them. It was both tiresome and annoying.

The One Saving Grace: The Cast

The only thing that I thought was good was the casting. The cast is made up of fantastic actors. Just look at the previous acting credits for the cast. These aren’t newcomers.

The filmmakers chose a great cast, they just didn’t know what to do with them.


It film cast

It Film Review Final Thoughts

When I write my reviews I like to read what other people think before I do. I already know what I’m going to say, but I want to ensure that I haven’t missed a detail or misunderstood anything within the film.

I was shocked to see that I was in a small majority of people who disliked It, and I’m telling you Nation, I really didn’t like this film. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m easily impressed when it comes to films.

It hurts my soul, Nation. I hoped beyond hope that my It film review would be full of praise. Sigh. Twas’ not to be.


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