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Throwback Thursday | Get a Life! | William Shatner’s Birth

March… 22…, 19… 31. William Shatner’s birth!

William Shatner’s Birth

Born to Anne and Joseph Shatner in Montréal, he got the acting bug early as an alumnus of the Montréal’s Children Theatre. A classical Shakespearean trained actor, he would go on to star in over 20 films and 30 television shows.

Shatner’s Most Iconic Role

Most of you will remember Shatner as the host of Rescue 911, but what you may not know is he also starred in a short-lived space western called Star Trek. (Speaking of Star Trek, Jonathan Frakes will be at Niagara Comic Con June 1-3, 2018)

Kidding aside, it was his role as Captain James T. Kirk that got many a nerd through a lonely Friday night—this writer included—even 50 years after its debut in 1966.

Happy 87th birthday Mr. Shatner!

Tell Bradley he’s a genius or inept here.

On the topic of TOS, you should check out Paul’s interview from a couple years ago with Walter Koenig!

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