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Fortnite Creator Suing Tester Turned Leaker

Thomas Hannah, a former Fortnite tester is being sued by EPIC for leaking Season 4 details before release.

EPIC Lawsuit

EPIC Lawsuit Filed in May

The lawsuit filed in May 2018 states that Hannah was hired by EPIC in December 2017 and quit his post on April 4, 2018. Hannah took part in livestreamed meetings about season 4 during this time.

According to the lawsuit, Hannah is being accused of allegedly leaking information to Adam DiMarco who then posted a now deleted post on Reddit under the username “internetadam” entitled “SPOILERS for Season 4 Battle Pass & Meteor.”

Hannah Responds to EPIC Lawsuit

Hannah responded to the filing saying he did, in fact, sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) but that DiMarco’s Reddit post was based on guesses after peppering Hannah with questions about where the meteor would strike. he defendant Hannah merely confirmed the location (Dusty Depot) with a “yes.” Furthermore, the response states that DiMarco published his account without instruction or cooperation of Hannah.

DiMarco is not being sued; he did not sign an NDA and thus legally did nothing wrong.

EPIC Lawsuit, Fortnite

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