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Three Tips to Get Ready for Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth

Are you ready for the mid-July pre-event for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? Yeah, me neither.

So, what do we need to do? Forget Icy Veins*, I’ve assembled the top three tips to make sure you’re prepared when BfA rolls around.

I Believe You Can Fly in Battle for Azeroth (just not at first)

Blizzard made a controversial decision a couple years ago to remove flying for the early portions of expansions. Rather than buy the skill, you have to earn flying through gameplay and time. Battle for Azeroth is no different. However, there are ways to compensate.

If you haven’t already, you need to start stocking up on Goblin Gliders. Engineers can craft them using True Iron Ore and Sumptuous Fur. Alternatively, you can also buy them on the auction house. As for the auction house, the price for Goblin Gliders will rise as the expansion gets nearer.

Stock up now, and you might even have some left over to make some money yourself!

Goblin Glider Battle for Azeroth
Goblin Glider in WoW gameplay

Of course, some toons come with built-in wings: Demon Hunter, anyone?

You Could Turn and Stay or You Can Run Away in Battle for Azeroth

Max level increases in Battle for Azeroth (new max is 120) so what’s the fastest way to level up? Speed, my friend, you need speed.
You may need to escape an encounter or find another encounter quickly. What do you need? I’m glad you asked.

Even though it’s being nerf slightly in Battle for Azeroth, Bear Tartare gives you a short burst of speed after killing an enemy. You might also consider Potion of Swiftness to increase your run speed for 15 seconds. For engineers, crafting and permanently attaching a Nitro Boost to your belt gives you a short speed increase—with a 2 minute cooldown.

Battle for Azeroth Bear Tartare
Bear Tartare! Yum!

Sigh, if only we could fly.

It’s All About the Gold Y’all in Battle for Azeroth

Finally, you need to start stockpiling gold. Expansions are crazy expensive at the beginning, so you need to start converting your worldly (and worldly, I mean WoW) goods to cold hard cash.

Take advantage of your mission table quest that offer gold. It only takes a few moments to set them up. Just make sure that you’re consistently checking and sending your heroes on missions.

If you haven’t already, start selling your mats on the auction house, especially things that people will need for Battle for Azeroth. For instance, the Sumptuous Fur and True Iron Ore for Goblin Gliders.

Battle for Azeroth Gold
Scrooge McDuck’s Gold Vault

Don’t forget, Blizzard is removing gold mission tables so use them while you can!

Bonus Tip: Have Fun During Battle for Azeroth!

Remember guys and gals, when Battle for Azeroth goes live, make sure you take the time to delve into the new expansion and learn the lore!

But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Have you got any tips to get ready for Battle For Azeroth? We want to hear from you!

*Just kidding, they’re awesome.

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