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4 Reasons You Should Play Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon and Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons is arguably the most popular pen and paper game you’ve ever heard of. It’s played by millions across the world since its invention in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Ameson.

Many people still associate—unfairly I might add—that D&D is for nerds or that the game is lame. I can assure you, these comments come from people who’ve never played the game or worse, played it with the wrong group of people! Dungeons and Dragons is for everyone.

Anyone can Play Dungeons & Dragons

You don’t need any particular skill set to play Dungeons & Dragons. If you can roll die, you can play D&D. All ages, shapes, and sizes can play! In the beginning, D&D was male-dominated, but so much has changed. While the majority of players may still be “the guys,” you’ll definitely find more women playing.

D&D reaches across generations; my son and I play every Wednesday night at Sketchbook Comics and it’s a great time. My other kids are looking forward to joining as well.


Getting together and playing games has always been a great way to meet new people. And chances are pretty good, you will find people there with interests similar to your own.

For example, my boy loves Overwatch, anime, and comics and he gets a chance to share that love and knowledge with so many different people. Many of these folks he would have never met if not for our weekly D&D sessions.

Dungeons and Dragons
Image: Wizards of the Coast


Just like TV and film, Dungeons & Dragons is a great way to escape from the everyday. Unlike TV and film however, D&D offers a chance to be part of the action!

Before the game even starts, you create a brand new you, an adventurer! You can be whatever you want; maybe a Elf, an Dwarf, a Halfling, maybe a Gnome? You can be anyone you want, even if just for a couple hours a week.

For many, include this writer, a weekly D&D session allows some time to not think about everyday stress and leaves me feeling refreshed. This is especially true if I get the chance to cleave a Bullywug in twain with my battleaxe.

Teamwork and Problem Solving

Because Dungeons & Dragons is a group activity, the game forces you to work together. You can’t go off on your own—normally—without negatively affecting the resting of your team.

Encounters need to worked out as a team. There are no leaders necessarily, decisions are made by committee. Whether you know it or not, D&D teaches you how to communicate effectively. Hence, this is a great game to help people of any age develop problem solving and communication skills.

Bonus Reason: It’s a Blast

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most fun games, you’ll ever play. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other game like it.

What are you favourite pen and paper games? Tell us!

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