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Teen Titans Go – What the Kids are Saying

Teen Titans Go!

I really enjoy things that make me laugh, especially when I can laugh with my family. I wanted to write about a TV show called Teen Titans Go!, because it’s a show my whole family thinks is funny, and because it is a good show.

Creating, drawing, and making things is awesome and Teen Titans Go! is a show I like because of its creativity. I like the way the characters speak, the ideas or topics of each episode, and the art of the show.

Watching Teen Titans Go! with My Family

The dialogue is hilarious as it often makes my whole family laugh hysterically. My Dad and Andie are always laughing about how things are worded which I like too. The way Beast Boy calls Raven ‘Mama’ sometimes is funny as she is so serious and to call her Mama is just funny. Starfire and her need to use ‘the’ all the time makes a lot of what she says funny as well.


Teen Titans Go!
Herbert’s rendition of Raven on the couch!

Every episode is funny and has us laughing. The topics are ridiculous but always have something in them that makes them possible. I like that they break the fourth wall often and include funny references to other shows and people.

My Favourite Part of Teen Titans Go!

Probably my favourite part of Teen Titans Go! is the artistic aspects of it. The intro music is a great way to start and the way the characters are drawn dancing is funny. The different funny faces when the Titans wear different outfits or focus on their muscles or bums is so well drawn, making it even funnier.

Teens Titans Go is hilarious, has great stories, and lots of animation that is great. I especially love watching Teen Titans Go because I can watch it with my whole family. We all smile and laugh so much!

Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games
Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games

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