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New Lieutenants of Metal Review – A Rockin’ Read!

New Lieutenants of Metal
New Lieutenants of Metal #1 (of 4)

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Ulises Fariñas
Colorist: Melody Often
Designer: Sonia Harris
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: July 4, 2018

The Story

New Lieutenants of Metal follows the adventures of a bad-ass metal group who happen to be the defenders of earth. They are made up of Krieg (the leader), Spike (the brains) Vanderborg Riot (a cyborg), Steppenwulf (a werewolf, of course) and a fifth member, Manowarrior, who happens to be missing.

The story starts with Steppenwulf in therapy session. He’s there hoping to gain the tools to contain his werewolf side, while the therapist wishes to “de-metal” him thinking that his violent tendencies are a result of taking metal lyrics literally. The current Lieutenants locate him and crash the session and bring him back to the Metal Jet because they need to find their missing member Manowarrior. But more immediately pressing are the two giant monster trucks that threaten to destroy the city.

Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games
Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games

The Writing

Joe Casey wastes no time getting action and introduces the characters without bogging down the pace. (Reminds me of the time I reviewed Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme; Another excellent job of intertwining characters and the action)

The plot is wildly funny and the quick quips between characters (especially between Kreig and Spike) brings to mind the rapid-fire humour of the MCU film franchise. And that’s when it struck me, New Lieutenants of Metal is the perfect summer comic book; It’s absolutely has a summer blockbuster vibe to it!

New Lieutenants of Metal

The Art

The art of Ulises Fariñas showcases the perfect pairing that is Casey and Fariñas. While Casey writes the blockbuster script, Fariñas pencil work provides the summer movie visuals.

New Lieutenants force you to leave any pretense of reality behind. Fariñas uses double page spreads to perfection when presenting the heroes at their cheesy best.

When reading a comic, I’m drawn to the colours; to be honest, they’re the first thing I notice. And boy, I wasn’t disappointed. Melody Often’s choices of bright and vibrant colours overtop of Fariñas’ linework complete the cartoon nature of New Lieutenants. There’s nothing quite like popping exhilarating colours to give the reader a sense of adventure and excitement. New Lieutenants is eye-candy at its sweetest and freshest. Yum!

On to the lettering! Letterer don’t get enough credit and that’s just wrong. To be fair, most reviews don’t even mention them, or if they do, they are mentioned briefly. Not at Pulp Nation though, we see you Rus Wooton! Here’s the thing, if you don’t notice the lettering the first time, chances are the letterer did their job to perfection. (Even the slightest misplaced speech balloon or text could throw off a whole panel, page, or issue.) During the second reading, I look for finer, more subtle details and it’s cool what you can find. With Wooton’s letters you hear exactly the cadence and volume of the characters’ voices. When you really look closer, you realize how much thought goes into lettering.

New Lieutenants of Metal

Final Thoughts: New Lieutenants of Metal #1

New Lieutenants of Metal is fun at its purest. You will pump your fist. You will want to rock. And you will laugh; especially at boy band villainy.

The great sage Jack Black once sang, “No-one can destroy the metal.” Thanks goodness for we might never have had the chance to rock with the New Lieutenants of Metal.

One final thought,  New Lieutenants provided the escapism that I needed at the very moment I read it. And isn’t that why comics exist?

New Liuetenants of Metal #2 (of 4)hits bookshelves August 8, 2018. Call your LCS to reserve a copy today

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